Melodica Corporate began operation as an event planning firm in the spring of 2011 and ever since has developed further in accordance to the needs of our clients. It was a natural continuation of the 12-year experience of the founders, Galia Kraicheva and Ivan Luchezarov, in the spheres of event planning, marketing, branding, etc. Melodica Corporate is part of Melodica Group, and offers a wide variety of services to its clients through its other agencies: Melodica Wedding and Party Agency, Melodica Concert and Melodica Expo. What distinguishes us is the creativity and art in all we do! 


Galia Kraicheva

Founder & CEO

Galia has a 12-year experience in event planning and networking. She has vast experience in teaching and knowledge sharing. Among the interesting details, Galia is an economist, a political scientist and a pop and jazz singer. 

Ivan Luchezarov

Head of Advertising

Ivan Luchezarov has a 10-year experience in event planning. He has a vast experience in advertising and marketing. Among the interesting details, Ivan is an architect and an NGO activist. 


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Event Planning, Branding, PR, HR & Marketing


Tel: 0888486566

Fax: 029613316

7 Dimitar Angelov Street, 

Sofia, Bulgaria