The new approach to HR...


We believe that the times when treating the team members as a whole and strategizing for the group are becoming more and more obsolete. Instead, we practise an alternative in which invididial needs are addressed in a non-disruptive manner for the individual and the team as a whole. We can provide statistical data on the results of the HR strategy selected. 

Individual Team Member Strategizing


The worse thing to do, when intoducing the team to an HR program is to make statements about the expected results of the program such as "this program is to make you happy". Happiness is constued individually and is no subject of a "program". What we offer instead, is to work with the team closely and to work towards satistying the individual needs of each team member without harming the happiness of the rest of the team. Whereas our teambuilding programs target the team as a whole, our individual strategies help the team increase its satisfaction through increasing the satisfaction of each team member. The pace of increasing work atmosphere may vary, depending on the individualities of the team members. Such individual member strategizing is developed together with a psycologist for maximum results. 


Office and Work Perks and Benefits


It is always good to have employees feel that their company cares for their well-being in and outside the office. Our office perks and programs include: 


  • Office yoga

  • Office gumnastics

  • Fitness programs (usually outside the office) 

  • Office dietology

  • Dancing classes in the office: folklore dancing, latin dancing, hip-hop

  • Office massages

  • Tae-bo in the office

  • SPA trips

  • Analysis of the working conditions and ways to improve them

  • Birthday celebrations for the team

  • Children parties on the 1 June

  • Office parties for holidays and various occasions

Office Courses and Knowledge Acqusition


Another way to encourage professional and personal development of the team is to invite the team members to participate in various courses. It is best to provide various options so that employees participate in the courses they find the most useful. It is vital to us to offer various courses to meat various demands from the teams we work with: 


  • Management: a course to let your employees see better the work of the management and appreciate it

  • Economics for non-economists: a beginners' course for the basics of the economics, especially useful for teams, involved in IT or politics

  • Behavioural statistics for beginners

  • English at different levels

  • Other languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin

  • Computer literacy