Why No Sphere of Science Should Be Looked Down

When I first started studying music, most of my friends asked me: "Aren't you too smart for that?" I was sure that it will be one of the easy challenges in life, relying on my "natural talent", etc. However, only after a few months after my studies began, did I realise that there is such an awesome connection between mathematics and music that I got more and more into what lies behind the beautiful ear-pleasing melodies. What fascinates me most is the psycological effect of something which is pure math and physics. There is no other application of math that is so vastly comprehended and consumed and so little known to most people. So I decided to put an exapmle of a musical mystical piece, which amazes both mathematically and psycologically (artistically), namely the Neverending Crab Canon by J.S.Bach.

For me, this piece of music is one of the most explicit proofs that no sphere of science should be considered less challenging and for "less intelligent people". But first, let me explain what the crab canon is and why is it so special. By definition, a canon is a piece of music in which the melody is repeated after different periods so the voices overlap. In the Crab Canon the same melody can be played forward and backward in the same time, creating harmonious music. In addition, if the line of the melody is put on a Mobius strip, it will go on forever only changing scales.

For people who have never composed this may seem like an easy task but in reality, it is not. It is difficult to create a canon with two-voices played forward but it takes a genious to create a canon that sounds harmoniously when played backward and forward at the same time. In order for a music to sound pleasant to the ear, it should follow rigorous physical and mathematical laws and it seems impossible for a person to be able to follow the rules composing music that is supposed to be played in the same time backwards.

So, no! No one is too smart for music. Music is so full of paterns that I feel I can always study without feeling bored.

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