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I believe that in speaking to clients one should be as clear as possible about what one will get as a service and why that is important. Oftentimes I have to go back to explaining some basic digital marketing terms to make my offers clear. That is why I decided to write an article in my blog about what is meant by digital marketing and its tools.

First, digital marketing is also known as e-marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, etc. The idea is that you make marketing of goods and services through the Internet.

It all starts with having a website and includes the following techniques:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): it refers to building your site and putting content that makes the site more "readable" to Google. The times when websites were indexed by keywords and by paid links to the site are long gone.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM): refers to creating campaigns for advertising during related to the business searches. It usually happens by bidding for certain keywords through sites like Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc. and is usually paid per click.

  • E-mail marketing: refers to the process of sending e-mails to a list of e-mails. However, not all e-mails should be listed in such lists of e-mails and one should be very careful about what firm one chooses because the e-mails targeted should not be private but should be business e-mails. It works the best for event-related information.

  • Viral marketing: it usually happens through social networks and relates to writing posts and content in general in such a way that it gets shared a lot so that the effect of the marketing campaign multiplies for free.

  • Social networking: it refers to creating meaningful presence in appropriate for the business social media. For example, if you are creating a personal blog with recipies, maybe a Pinterest profile is good to have. Or if you are offering golf courses SlideSHare is for you. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are a must-have in any business.

  • Blogging: refers to creating content, that helps your site become more visited or at a better place on Google.

  • Micorblogging: refers to writing content in Twitter or other social network, with the length of a sentence or two, which gets people involved.

  • Mobile phone campaigns: through SMS usually but should be very carefully designed so that consumers feel taken care of, instead of spammed.

  • Podcasting: refers to the preparation and distribution of video or audio files usually part of series that can be downloaded and listened to by the consumers.

  • Vodcasting: the same as podcasting but it only refers to video files.

  • Photo/video sharing: Again it goes down to social media marketing and refers to the appropriate social media for spreading videos and photos. Possible networks are: Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, MySpace, Instagram, etc.

  • Virtual worlds marketing: refers to penetrating the brand into the virtual world, which is a computer-based online community that simulates features of the real world through avatars designed to interact in the simulated world. There are two types of virtual worlds: interaction based and entertainment-based and there are marketing opportunities in both.

All of these will be presented in separate articles in further articles.

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