Team trainings, the best way to let your team members acquire new skills


Melodica's team trainings are presentations, workshops or role plays developed with the help of physologists and led by professionals in the topics they cover. Allow us some time with the team and we will send back to you a thorough analysis of the ways to strenghten your team. 

Soft Skills and Communication Trainings


The Soft Skills Trainings are targeted at developing useful communication skills within the team members that can also have implementations in communication outside the team: with clients, management and everyday-life. We have 6 trainings on the subject: 


  • Presentation Skills and Hacks to Keep Your Audience's Attention

  • Public Speaking Behavior and Voice Control

  • Debating and Logical Argumentation

  • Speaking with Clients

  • NLP Workshop

  • Game Theory and Rational Decision Making

Work Effectiveness and Optimisation Training


Since your team is the most valuable asset and it's performance is vital for work productivity, we offer you trainings that focus on the people in the team and their needs, motivation, happiness and effectiveness. We have 6 trainings on the subject: 


  • Motivating Team Members to Work in the Team

  • Work-life Balance

  • Personal Growth Hacks and Drivers

  • Effective Task Management

  • Some Tips for Healthy Life and How to Apply Them at Work

  • Memory Trainings

Business Growth Strategies Trainings


Irrespective of where you stand in your company's timeline, growth is always an issue. Often times, the people taking care of the growth strategies know extensively about the products offered and not that much about mathematical modeling of the factors for growth or the up-to-date methodologies used. We offer 6 trainings on the subject: 


  • Starting a Business: Methodologies

  • Lean Startup Methodology

  • Economic Growth Theories and Their Implementation in Business

  • How to Surround Yourself with Trusted People

  • What People Should You Hire: Caracteristics and Interview Questions

  • Business Models and Their Strengths and Weaknesses